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Train in total privacy with a warm and friendly Qualified trainer!

Do you keep telling yourself that you will join a gym or take up regular exercise soon? but then soon never actually arrives! because everyday life gets in the way; juggling a busy work schedule, children and a million other responsibilities! Well you're definitely not alone there! In fact that was me many years ago too!

But why not stop putting it off and take that first step today? make the committment to yourself and go for it! Stop waiting for tomorrow, or January, or after that next blowout!

whether you're totally new to exercise, dabbled a little bit in gyms, or have been training for years and want to take your fitness upto the next level-I can help you to establish SMART personal goals and absoloutley smash them with you!!!!






Goal setting is the absolute epicentre of all properly tailored fitness programmes. without short, medium and longterm goalposts what are you aiming for? where are you going? which exercises should you be doing to target those specific areas and which training approach will get you to where you want to be? 

Bespoke Training for You

That's where I come in! With a vast amount of experience with a whole range of different clients, personal experience and understanding from my very own past weightloss journey, full industry approved qualification, and accreditation from the Registry of Exercise Professionals (REPS&CIMPSA Database) I am more than equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you to achieve all of your personal Health and Fitness Goals.

By tailoring a personally designed Fitness programme to your every need, I will ensure that everything we do is totally relevant to your success.

It does not matter how small or adventurous your goals are! because it's about you, getting to where you want to be!

Grow Fitness provides completely private personal training services, in an exclusive 1-1 Studio setting, by appointment only, and without any other people sharing the studio space at all. I am located nearby, in the Freetown area of Bury, and my studio is fully equipped with all the necessary gym kit to not only condition your body, but to make your training programme fun and enjoyable!!!!

Yes I really said that! Exercise should be fun! because you are far more likely to succeed if you actually enjoy the journey!

No matter your current fitness level, we will start from YOUR pace, and gradually build up from there!

You don't need to be fit to get fit! that's the whole point!

I work closely with each individual, providing maximum support enabling you to achieve fantastic results!

You will also recieve full Fitness and Nutritional guidance throughout your personally tailored fitness programme!

I will calculate your recommended percentages of Macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats&Protein), your recommended daily calorie intake, your BMI and body fat percentage, and additionally give you the 'option' of circumferential body and bodyfat measurements in order to track your progress and demonstrate your significant accomplishments!

Because any good PT should tell you that it really isn't all about what the scales tell us!

so why not Contact me today through my booking form either to book a free face to face consultation, or just enquire about a service with me!

No additional costs or fees.
And remember-if you don’t want to train alone 1-1, there is always the option to train with a friend or loved one too! At a combined/ discounted price!


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Personal training sessions one on one been coming for 6 months. really friendly tailored to issues with my back. keeps the sessions fresh and new changes every 6 weeks or so to keep the weight …
Angela Finnegan
I've been going to Grow Fitness for 6 months now and I love Danielle! I've learnt so much about nutrition and I have been given some great food ideas from my fellow veggie, which I've found several …
Jodie Quinn


2 Reviews

Sophie Mcgarry

13 August 2019

13 August


I've been training with Danielle for about 5 months started at 1 session a week now on two sometimes even 3! Just can't get enough after seeing such amazing wei...
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Jay Saltmarsh

12 August 2019

12 August


I have attended the 1 to 1 sessions here for a few months and can definitely see an inprovement in myself. Danielle does training tailored to each person with a...
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